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A mobile and automatic system developed as a solution for the treatment and filtration of industrially processed water, enabling water recycling and a significant, efficient and cost-effective reduction of industrial waste that needs to be removed and landfiled.

This unique patented technology filters particles down to a size of 1 micron with a throughput of up to 200 liters per minute. The Austrian company Reprotex specializes in an advanced and portable filtration system designed to dispose of up to 99% of the water from industrial sludge generated in various industrial processes. The technology has won several awards for its contribution to maintaining sustainability and for its technological innovation.

Reprotex’s innovative mobile system is the only system in the world that provides a solution for filtering industrial effluent from various sources in a closed circuit at the plant’s site. 


The technology was developed to address separation of sludge from industrial processes and processed water recycling for reuse, if necessary, with a separation efficiency of up to 99% of liquids.

The system is patent protected and is designed to handle cleaning processes with high-pressure water and large scale coatings removal and treatment of industrial tanks. 

The mobile system can filter processed water at a flow of 200 liters per minute, and the treated water is filtered down to 1 micron.

The system is fully automatic and can adjust the required PH and remove heavy metals if necessary.

The system, developed by the Austrian company Reprotex, has won innovation and sustainability awards for its contribution to protecting the environment.

The technology for industrial wastewater treatment is based on a chemical-physical process and provides a local solution while preserving the environment and reducing costs and the need to transport and dispose of large volumes of industrial waste. The system is used worldwide for industrial facilities and maintenance and for cleaning and construction processes that operate high-pressure water systems.

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