Genemis Laboratories Inc.

Fast, Accurate, Easy-to-use Microbial Water Testing

An innovative, rapid analysis system for immediate detection of contamination in water systems. No special equipment is required.

The Canadian company Genemis Laboratories is developing nanotechnology sensors that can detect microbial and chemical contaminants in water in real-time without sending a sample to a laboratory.

The technology is patented and is intended for the immediate detection of bacteria and fungi in multiple applications. For example: water quality for irrigation in agriculture, industrial water systems, water quality in swimming pools and spas, offices, aircraft, hotels and clinics. The nano-sensor system has won awards for excellence in the field of innovation.

The nanotechnology sensors of the Canadian company Genemis Laboratories are designed to provide a quick and accurate answer regarding the presence of chemical and microbial contaminants in water systems. 

The patented sensing technology is based on nano-gold particles that identify the cell wall of the source of microbial contamination.

Genemis Laboratories kits provide a quick and accurate answer without the need for special laboratory equipment and are a good solution for the safety of pools, spa and water systems users at home, offices, hotels and more.

The test system is simple to use, efficient and cost-effective and can be carried and used anywhere while providing quick responses.

Genemis Laboratories sensors can detect various contaminants, including, Legionella, E.Coli, fungi and more.

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Genemis Laboratories’ Exact Blue detection system enables the testing system to be linked to a smartphone application and receive data on all contaminants in the water sample within a short time.