First Graphene

The world's leading Graphene company

The First Graphene Company from Australia is a public company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange and one of the world’s leading Graphene manufacturers. The company develops applications for its use in composites, flame retardants, plastics and rubber ,numerous coatings, and applications for the construction and concrete industry, the textile industry and energy.

Graphene is the thinnest material on the planet,  made up of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure and has exceptional properties for a wide range of industrial uses. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, very flexible and can be stretched up to 20%, has a million times the electrical conductivity of copper, is the best heat conductor, is transparent and can be integrated into compositions of many materials.

Graphene is one of the most innovative and leading materials in the world in a variety of applications and is the strongest material known so far – 40 times stronger than diamond. Strengthening structures of composites – graphene improves the mechanical properties and durability of composites.

Adding Graphene to composite materials that combine different polymers, minerals, and other additives for strength and flexibility at a lower weight than steel structures, improves their strength, flexibility, water resistance, anti-static qualities, and final products’ safety indices. Graphene can be used in elastomers, fibers and materials for the rubber industry to improve the material’s tensile properties and abrasion resistance.

Graphene is used as a flame retardant and prevents the passage of oxygen to the combustion nodes. It is environmentally friendly compared to most flame retardants and is suitable as a coating for plastic materials from which many products are made. 

In the concrete industry, the use of graphene improves the strength properties, reduces water permeability and improves the durability of the concrete over time while reducing the corrosion damage to the iron parts in the concrete.

In the textile industry, adding Graphene  improves fiber strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility ,and electrical conductivity of smart textile products. Improving heat conduction with Graphene  enhances heat dissipation from clothing for better temperature control. Electrical conductivity improves the antistatic properties of the garment and improves comfort and safety. 

The First Graphene patent makes it possible to coat a fiber or a garment and get exceptional durability and abrasion resistance of the textile product while the application process is simple and economically efficient.

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