Aptavid Inc.

Unique technology for fast and reliable identification of COVID-19 contaminated surfaces. Simple, easy and convenient use of sensors, suitable for anyone, does not require special knowledge or equipment.

The resulting color immediately warns about the tested environment, be it a table surface, a door handle or any other surface that requires testing. The test method is based on nanotechnology and was developed in the United States by Aptavid Inc.

These unique sensors are designed for use in private and public environments, educational institutions, offices, restaurants, hotels, public transportation and entertainment venues in order to reduce exposure to surfaces contaminated with COVID-19 and improve safety levels for everyone, everywhere.

Pathogenic infections are a significant challenge in both detection and prevention, especially in hospitals, where infection from various surfaces cause the spread of diseases.

The main route of infection for COVID-19 is a droplet spray in the air originating in the patient, which can remain in the air space indoors for minutes and up to hours.

Contagion from a surface occurs less frequently and depends on many environmental factors, such as the type of surface, the percentage of moisture, the area’s ventilation, the concentration of infectious bacteria, and more.

Nevertheless, the danger of infection from surfaces exists in in-door spaces, especially in active places with a significant human presence, workers, visitors, students, passengers and more.

A rapid test of surfaces can give us an immediate indication of contamination risks in the area of activity around us.

The test kit is easy and convenient to use and carry, designed to improve the safety of adults and children and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection in our environment.

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