AB Coating

AB Coating Ltd. is a company that develops and produces innovative antimicrobial coatings for use on glass panes, metal and plastic surfaces. These coatings are ecological, environmentally friendly, sustainable, abrasion and use resistant, and allow for a high level of hygiene in public places. The company uses advanced technologies in PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition and Titanium Dioxide-based photocatalysts. 

AB Coating’s experts in the fields of physics, chemistry and materials collaborate with international research bodies. In addition, AB Coating specializes in development services tailored to customer requirements and to the conditions of application of the coatings.

The company’s unique coating technologies are very effective in eliminating pathogens. Applying the antimicrobial coating to vehicles and domestic windows achieved considerable UV radiation filtering, heat reduction and decomposition of dirt and dust on the window by the photocatalysts present in the coating layer.

The coatings have high abrasion and corrosion resistance at an attractive cost-benefit ratio for many applications.

AB Coatings collaborates with universities and several industries to further develop commercial applications and adapts product features to customer requirements under the unique conditions of each application.

The company is in the process of raising capital and finding business partners to expand its activities to diverse markets around the world and respond to the current trend of accelerated demand for antimicrobial coating solutions.