Optimal Sense

Advanced Technologies
& Innovative Materials
for Industry & Sustainability

Optimal Sense

Advanced Technologies & Innovative Materials
for Industry & Sustainability

Optimal Sense Ltd. specializes in innovative products, advanced sensors, and leading technologies in material science and nanotechnology, used in various industries while keeping awareness of sustainability.

The products and technologies developed in international companies are destined for groundbreaking improvements in the performance of materials and processes, high efficiency, costs savings, and safety of use.

Several of Optimal Sense’s products and technologies have won awards for industry challenges facing innovations and solutions that benefit the environment, society, and the community.



The Chemical Industry

Composites, Polymers & Coatings

Agriculture, Food, Pharma & Cosmetics


Concrete & Building Materials

3D Printing & Conductive Inks

Energy Storage

Water & Air Quality, Soil Remediation

Products & Technologies

First Graphene

The world's leading graphene company
Graphene is one of the most innovative materials, awarding the researchers who discovered it the 2010 Nobel Prize. This unique material enables groundbreaking applications in various industries. For example: improving strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, corrosion and fire resistance, while being applied in ultra-thin layers. The First Graphene Company from Australia is a public company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange and one of the world's leading Graphene manufacturers. The company develops applications for its use in composites, flame retardants, plastics and rubber ,numerous coatings, and applications for the construction and concrete industry, the textile industry and energy.

ExactBlue Technologies Inc

An innovative, rapid analysis system for immediate detection of contamination in water systems. No special equipment is required. The Canadian company .ExactBlue Technologies Inc. is developing nanotechnology sensors that can detect microbial and chemical contaminants in water in real-time without sending a sample to a laboratory. The technology is patented and is intended for the immediate detection of bacteria and fungi in multiple applications. For example: water quality for irrigation in agriculture, industrial water systems, water quality in swimming pools and spas, offices, aircraft, hotels and clinics. The nano-sensor system has won awards for excellence in the field of innovation.


Unique technology for fast and reliable identification of COVID-19 contaminated surfaces. Simple, easy and convenient use of sensors, suitable for anyone, does not require special knowledge or equipment. The resulting color immediately warns about the tested environment, be it a table surface, a door handle or any other surface that requires testing. The test method is based on nanotechnology and was developed in the United States by Aptavid Inc. These unique sensors are designed for use in private and public environments, educational institutions, offices, restaurants, hotels, public transportation and entertainment venues in order to reduce exposure to surfaces contaminated with COVID-19 and improve safety levels for everyone, everywhere.

Reprotex GmbH

A mobile and automatic system developed as a solution for the treatment and filtration of industrially processed water, enabling water recycling and a significant, efficient and cost-effective reduction of industrial waste that needs to be removed and landfiled. This unique patented technology filters particles down to a size of 1 micron with a throughput of up to 200 liters per minute. The Austrian company Reprotex specializes in an advanced and portable filtration system designed to dispose of up to 99% of the water from industrial sludge generated in various industrial processes. The technology has won several awards for its contribution to maintaining sustainability and for its technological innovation.

AB Coating

AB Coating Ltd. is a company that develops and produces innovative antimicrobial coatings for use on glass panes, metal and plastic surfaces. These coatings are ecological, environmentally friendly, sustainable, abrasion and use resistant, and allow for a high level of hygiene in public places. The company uses advanced technologies in PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition and Titanium Dioxide-based photocatalysts. AB Coating’s experts in the fields of physics, chemistry and materials collaborate with international research bodies. In addition, AB Coating specializes in development services tailored to customer requirements and to the conditions of application of the coatings.

Articles & Updates

Graphene properties

Since its’ initial production back in 2004, hundreds of innovative applications have been developed for Graphene. The Graphene Flagship is a body supported by the


Water systems contamination

Biofilms are layers of bacteria formed inwater systems’ pipes and cause contamination, even if authorities regularly inspect their water supply network. Bacterial layers in water



Optimal Sense’s team of experts consists of diverse industries’ professionals: composites, polymers and elastomers, textiles and the chemical industry, construction and protection, conductive materials, special coatings, and antimicrobial coatings. In addition, our experts specialize in sensors, as well as liquids and surfaces analysis, for the detection of chemical and biological pollutants using innovative methods.

Our team of experts provides solutions for diversified formulations, materials’ properties, engineering aspects, and adherence to environmental and sustainability-related requirements to answer the needs of the community and society. The organization’s personnel maintains close and constant communication with development and production teams in Israel and abroad regarding products and technologies , formulating turnkey, tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for each customer.

The Company provides professional services to Scale-Up processes from the laboratory stage to the production line. Furthermore, we accompany intellectual property strategy considerations and patent applications as part of our innovative processes.

Dr. Dov Reichman, the Company’s director, is well acquainted with the industry in Israel and around the world, was a partner in developing and inventing innovative materials implemented in commercial processes, and managed international industrial collaborations. In the past, he held senior management positions in the chemical processes, plastics and polymers industries, and in the diagnostics industry.

Dr. Reichman leads innovation processes in the traditional industry and supports entrepreneurs and investors in the building start-up companies. Among other things, he served as the CEO of start-ups and technology companies, board member of several companies, VP for chemistry and physics technologies’ and patents’ commercialization at the Hebrew University, director of marketing and sales at Sigma-Aldrich International Corporation (currently owned by Merck) and director of research and development. 

Dr. Reichman holds a Doctorate in chemistry from the Hebrew University and is a graduate of the Directors’ course at Tel Aviv University. Member of the Israeli Fermentation Association board, member of the Startup Companies Committee of the Office of Management Consultants and member of the MIT Global Technology Panel.